Career options Post Pandemic(Covid)

by pinaksh

Our world is becoming more and more dangerous every day. However, humans are partially at fault for this. Many of these “dangers” are man-made. Nuclear bombs, guns, tanks, and many other weapons, poisons, global warming, CO2 emission, etc. are man-made. But some problems nature decided to throw at us too. Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, Tsunamis, Floods, etc. are natural.

Covid-19 or Corona is also one of them though there are speculations that it’s not, but then these are only speculations and no hard proof has been obtained yet. Covid-19 took away lots of lives and jobs. Students are not being able to study properly and are facing the question of what to do? Now and in the future. Employment is already a very big issue and in this pandemic situation when businesses are closing down, the existing workforce is getting unemployed. Employment for the upcoming workforce becomes even a graver issue.

Here in this article, we will see the top 10 career options to choose post covid/pandemic.

  1. Cybersecurity Professionals – In such times when every business is switching to remote, online working, it is important to focus on cybersecurity. Most of the businesses are struggling but the cybersecurity industry is booming with a recorded job growth of 5% which is promising given the time. All the sectors including healthcare, education, retail, financial sector, and even the government organizations are relying on cybersecurity experts to secure their enormous data, networks, and online payments.
  2. Ethical Hackers – In 2020, when everyone was isolated and ordering everything online was our only option, India entered a phase it was not ready for. There were many people who decided to take advantage of this situation and started bank frauds, credit card frauds, phishing, vishing, etc. So, as a result, India was in desperate need of cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers.
    Ethical hackers are always needed for police cyber cells, CID, forensics labs, sales tax departments, law enforcement agencies, and many corporates.
  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – It is like countries across the globe just awoke and realized how important it is to bring a change, that we need to become more tech-savvy.
    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things are key parts of such technological advancements. And as a result, B.Tech students with specialization in the fields are going to be in high demand.
  1. Human Resource Champions – Covid has made all of the companies around the world adopt the ideology of work from home. Some companies have made it the new normal to work from home even post covid. Work from home is immensely advantageous for both the employee and the employer. It cuts office costs like electricity costs, rents, and other sundry expenses like furniture and stationery, etc. But with the physical workspace gone, the task of keeping the workforce together in a professional, virtual office environment becomes harder. Human Resource Champion is the upcoming career that is going to rebuild the virtual working space.
  2. Digital Marketing – More and more people are making use of e-information. Because of this, digital marketing has come to new life and is rapidly developing. Almost all of the companies – small and big – use digital marketing to reduce their marketing expenses, get greater ROI (Return on Investment) and follow social trends.
    So, this in turn will increase the demand for digital marketers, content creators, SEO experts, social marketing specialists, and other professionals.
  1. Digital Transformer – Doesn’t matter what type of business we talk about, it is dependent on digital technologies. From building apps to establishing blockchain and cloud technologies, many software operators are providing services and supporting their clients in the digital transformation journey. Digital transformation is very relevant, especially after this pandemic.
  2. Investment Banking – While other sectors were hanging by a thread for their life in this pandemic, investment banking did not just survive but even showed rapid growth. Indian Investment Banking hit a three years record high of $1.03 billion dollars in revenue in 2020. So, it is safe to assume that the demand for financial advisors to corporates and even governments too will keep increasing. And the whole process of buying and selling shares in the stock market is never going to stop as long as businesses shall exist.
  3. Financial Consultants – With the pandemic hitting the whole world out of the blue and bringing the world to a halt, it is needless to say that there is fear of a recession to set in.
    In such situations, financial experts and consultants around the globe are working on studying and analyzing the effects of this pandemic on the economies and are trying to figure out any possible ways to avert a disastrous downturn of the economies. And as this disaster continues, the demand is for sure not going to go down.
  1. Business Analysts – Post-Covid, businesses are expected to understand business trends better and predict future disruptions. Good business analysts are needed so that businesses can serve their clients better. Business Analysts have to be well equipped with skills and knowledge to analyze, forecast, change and understand the market demand and business trends.


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